Dasa Mahavidya Pratishta

Dasa Mahavidya's wisdom is mentioned in Tantra shastra. They are the incarnations of AdiParashakthi and a group of 10 deities.'Dasa' means 'ten', and 'Mahavidya' means a subject that is self-evident and bears its own witness. As the name implies, "Dasa" means "ten," and "Dasa Maha Vidyas" consists of ten deities. Every deity has a unique significance and glory. Dasa Mahavidya is placed above the other practices because it leads the seeker to a state of attaining completeness in spirituality. One should perceive the cognizance of Dasa Mahavidya only in presence of a Siddhaguru or an Enlightened Master.

Revered names of Dasa Mahavidya

  1. Sri Kali Mahadevi
  2. Sri Tara Mahadevi/Neela Saraswati/Ugra Tara
  3. Sri Bhuvaeswari Mahadevi
  4. Sri Chinnamastha Mahadevi (Prachanda Chandi/VajraVairochani)
  5. Sri Dhumavathi Mahadevi
  6. Sri Bhagalamukhi Mahadevi
  7. Sri Matangi Mahadevi
  8. Sri Shodashi Mahadevi/Bala Tripura Sundari
  9. Sri Tripura Bhairavi Mahadevi
  10. Sri Mahatripura Sumdari/Kamalatmika Mahadevi/Lalitha devi

How to Take Part

Siddhaguru is consecrating Dasa Mahavidya deities, and Triambaka Bhairava Swami in the month of Sravana here at Ramaneswaram. Devotees can take part as a donor of idiols in any of the following categories-

2023 August : 18-27

10 days


Please call our toll-free number 1800 1022 393 and provide the registration information after registering here.