Avadhuta Sri Chirala Swami: unknown facts revealed by Siddhaguru

Chirala swami was born in Chittor district, Andhra Pradesh in 1941. He is a great enlightened master and popular in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh precisely in Chirala town in Andhra Pradesh. He stayed in this town for 25 years.

There was a doctor in Chirala by name Varanasi Sambasiva Rao who saw this Swami in Vijayawada in the year 1941. Swami was sitting naked in heavy rain with eyes open. He checked swami’s pulse beat, was not working, but astonished at being conscious. Swami smiled at him.

One day, the doctor was on the way to Durga Temple in Vijayawada, met swami in the midway. Seeing him, Swami said, “You will leave this place in a month. All will happen well.” The doctor did not believe but left his place in a month.

In 1961, after 20 years, the doctor again met Swami in Chilakaluripet and the small conversation between them reveal few secrets about Swami. This conversation made him a great devotee of Chirala swami.

Sambasvarao: “I’m really unfortunate at missing of serving a guru for 20 years.”

Swami: Smiled

Sambasvarao: “who are you?. Where are you from?”

Swami: “I was born in Chittor and lived in Kadapa, Vijayawada and staying now in Chirala. I went to Ramana Maharshi ashram and stayed there for many years.”

Sambasvarao: “What is your name?”

Swami: “As I stayed in Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram, call me ‘Ramanananda’.”

Swami: “You will conquer the yogic kingdom.”

(By swami words, the doctor met a yogi, revered by name Gopananda yogi and learnt yoga.)

Sambasvarao: Why did you tell me to approach Gopananda yogi to learn Yoga? Why did you not teach me?

Swami “You have bondage with him since incarnations. It’s a destiny.”

One day, While Swami was in Chirala, Ramaiah, a resident of Chirala, was on the way in his car. Seeing swami, he asked his driver to stop the car and ordered him to request swami step into the car. Though not interested in swami’s mad appeal, he asked him to get in, but swami denied. As they reached home, the driver was astonished by seeing swami sitting on the doorstep of the house. Ramayya was thrilled with the swami omniscient power.

There were two devotees of swami by names Mariyamma and Chandram. They were the employees working in his devotee, Doctor Sridhar Rao’s hospital. In the first glimpse, they felt swami is a great yogi. Because of Chandram’s love and devotion, swami used to treat him as his son. Mariyamma too showed great reverence and love towards Swami and served him to the fullest. She was blessed with serving food to Swami. Both devotees adored him till their last breath.

There were two incidents happened in the lives of Mariyamma and Chandram. One day, swami was suffering from fever and joined this hospital. It was about 8.30 PM. Chandram was suffering from a severe cold fever and could not move. Soon, Mariyamma left for Doctor Sridhar’s home and informed about the situation who promised to come in an hour.

When swami came to know about Chandram, He asked him to order food. Chandram requested his colleague to get food for swami. As the food arrived, swami took the first lump of that food and ordered Chandram to eat. He is relived from three-fourth of his suffering by having it. Subsequently, Swami gave him second and third lumps which resulted in his body full of sweat. Then, swami said, “Go, have a shower and engage in your daily activities now.” As soon as Chandram had a shower, he was completely relieved from fever.

By the time doctor arrived, Chandram was performing his regular work. He was shocked and asked Mariyamma who explained to him the happening. The doctor was wondered and felt thrilled with it.

One day, Swami called Chandram and ordered him to have a darshan of his samadhi Gollapalli, a village in Mulepalli town of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh. They neglected his order but felt guilt after days of Swami maha samadhi. Chandram requested his friend to inquire about the samadhi’s existence in that village. His friend inquired and came to know that there are two Gollapalli villages exists in the same town. In one village, there was no samadhi. Tired of it, he asked a monk sitting under a tree about the samadhi in the second village who confirmed its existence.

His friend went there, found that samadhi and recorded complete details about it. The story was, there was a cow-man by the name of Ayyavara Reddy who was taking cattle for feed every day. One cow from the cattle was reaching home late every time. Being skeptical about its nature, he followed it and wondered about its act. It is feeding milk to the starving rishis who were observing tapas in the cave.

Seeing him, a Rishi came out of the cave, took this cow-man inside, asked him to open his tongue and wrote something on it. The cow-man became god-man with this incident. He was cremated as jeevasamadhi in this village. This cow-man is born as Chirala swami in his next incarnation..

The other incident happened in the lives of Mariyamma, and Chandram was after swami’s Mahasamadhi. Chandram often used to visit cremation ground out of his dispassion and offer flowers to swami samadhi. Swami’s maha samadhi. During Karteeka Masam, Chandram was suffering from severe fever and could not go to cremation ground. Mariyamma recalled that incident where swami cured Chandram’s illness by offering three lumps of food.

She was in that remembrance, and swami walked towards her, said “Chandram will be relieved.” Wondered by it, she also walked with swami to some extent and swami disappeared. It was neither a dream nor a hallucination, happened live. When she saw Chandram, he was fully recovered from fever. This shows swami’s protection towards his devotees, who love and adore him to the fullest.

Swami treated Chandram as his son and shed tears for Mariyamma’s devotion. If someone offers clothes to Swami, he used to give it to Chandram and asked him to wear it and feel fatherly love towards him. In this way, both the devotees were receptive to the grace of Chirala swami in their lives.

Ekkirala Bharadwaja master was the other devotee, without whom the Chirala swami’s glory could not have been publicized. In 1965, with the blessings of Jillellamudi Amma, Master had a darshan of Swami who offered him to smoke a cigarette. He does not know how to smoke but obeyed his order. Swami used to call master as “Errraswami”.

In the subsequent darshan, master fell on the divine feet of Chirala Swami who ordered him to get biscuits, when a rupee coin fell from the masters’s pocket. Master purchased biscuits as ordered by swami and gave to him. Swami then took a biscuit and put it on cow dung, ordered master to have it. Master obeyed his order with great reverence and love.

When Master inquired about Chirala Swami with a yogi by name Poornananda in Srisailam, he said that Chirala swami is a Jeevan Mukta, Khandayogi. A yogi by name Venkanna babu also regarded him as Khandayogi.

When Chirala swami was living in Chirala, he was suffering from Elephantiasis. All germs and flies used to fall on it and swami abused those who tried to remove those creatures from it. He denied the treatment and said that all the Chirala populace's sufferings are the form of this typical ailment. He took their sufferings for giving them happy lives.

Not very often, Chirala swami had a shower and with such a long beard, when he had food, the food particles remained there and a dog used to eat those particles. He was in such a divine consciousness and was not conscious of it.

On 3rd September 1972, Swami left his body in a hospital. Sad that his body was buried like an ordinary person in a cremation ground. If you show genuine love and true devotion, observe meditation, then guru himself gets connected. Your bondage with him in previous incarnations will make you hold him until your last breath.