Mokku Shivalingam

Sri Mokku Shivalingeswara

Maharshi has crafted divine resolutions individually to promptly fulfill the desires of devotees or resolve their issues, and subsequently consecrated Sri Mokku Shivalingeswara here at Ramaneswaram. The Shivalingam offers a distinctive opportunity for devotees to physically embrace the Shivalingam. This traditional yet exceptional practice allows devotees to express their long-standing desires to Lord Shiva by hugging the sacred symbol three times, pledging to offer something in return as a token of their devotion.

The three step Procedure

  1. Join the Queue.
  2. Enter the sanctum of the Shivalingam with purified and dedicated devotion.
  3. If you harbor a long-standing unfulfilled desire, embrace the Shivalingam only three times while performing three Pradakshinams (circumambulation ) around it. Express your desire each time you embrace it, and vow to offer something in return after your wish is fulfilled.


“Om Sri Mokku
Shivalingeswaraya Namaha”

1000 Shiva Lingams Temple