Kartika masam exclusive: the secret of Om mantra by Siddharudha swami

  1. “OM” is the combination of the letter A, U, M, Arthamatra, and Bindu (dot).
  2. These five letters have a connection with faces of the lord - Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Tatpurusha, Aghora and Ishana.
  3. The God related to “A” is - Vamadeva, who faces North.
  4. The God associated with “U” is Sadyojata, who faces west.
  5. The God connected with “M” is Aghora, who faces south.
  6. The God associated with “Arthamatra” is Tatpurusha, who faces east.
  7. The God associated with “Bindu” is Ishana, who faces sky.
  8. Human being should cross all these steps to reach divinity and experience the divine.