Teachings of Buddha

Teachings of Buddha

1. Meditation is important to experience God and to get Enlightened. It is the means of transforming the mind and is the only solution to make our mind pure and to get rid of all vasanas & sins. By meditating regularly, the astral body will be purified. If the astral body is purified, physical body will gain immunity, shall be free from diseases and the mind will always be energetic.

2. Spiritual life is to transform our impure mind to a pure and clean mind, but transforming the mind is a tough task as it contains many thoughts, samskaras, emotions, doubts, good and bad qualities. The easy path to make our mind pure is to be in the presence of a guru where the power of thoughts will become weaker and the mind will become calm and peaceful.

3. Karma good or bad will have its effects in one's life, so one should always try to do good actions (karma) and should avoid hurting others by thoughts, words and actions. Man should be patient and should not hurt or take revenge on others, as negative karma will have its adverse effects and shall face suffering in one’s life.

4. True dharma is ‘Atma dharma’. Atma dharma is the dharma of Atma or to experience God (Supreme Truth). Brahma Gyan is a process to meditate and experience Atma, peace, bliss, and happiness.

5. An ignorant person will have desires and want to enjoy life. Unless ignorance is removed, man cannot escape the cycle of birth and death. Ignorance will be removed only by experiencing our Self (Self-Realization) or God (Supreme truth). Buddha says in order to get rid of ignorance & suffering everyone should meditate and get Enlightened.

6. Prayer should be done with purity by having the knowledge of why certain rituals are performed. There should be progress in life, and the mind should become pure by doing such rituals. If not, these rituals have no meaning and they will not reach God. If one has a pure mind, meditation and rituals will be easy to practice and can easily experience God.

7. Life is the biggest prison, and desires are the iron chains. When a prisoner completes his punishment, they release him from prison, but it is very tough for a man to be released from life’s prison, desires, and emotions. Desires are the thick iron chains of man which he cannot get rid of. The only way to be released from life’s prison is to desire for the grace of God or Guru and by reducing materialistic desires.

8. Anger is the biggest enemy of a person which should be killed if not it will create problems in life. When a person is angry, he will lose control of himself and behaves like an animal by hurting others with their words and actions. Man should control his anger otherwise his mind will become restless, he cannot meditate, and will lose peace and happiness.

9. Mind cannot be understood by reading Vedas. Meditation is the only way to get knowledge about the mind and can transform an impure mind into a pure mind. In meditation, a person can examine the effect of the mind in his life and observe how the mind goes inwards and outwards. By observing the mind, one can control and finally destroy the mind.

10. A person who does not surrender his ego at Guru’s feet will not be happy with Guru and his actions. Because of past life’s actions, samskaras and impure mind man cannot understand his Guru properly. He should strive to develop right thinking which purifies his mind.

11. The true meaning of brahmacharya is to merge with Brahman (God). Real Sadhana is purifying the mind with the help of Guru and getting Enlightened. While doing Sadhana one should never listen to his mind but should try to control his mind. As Sadhana progresses, eventually the problems of the mind will be resolved one by one by making the mind pure.

12. Wearing orange clothes and living in an ashram does not make a person Sannyasi. True Sannyasi should eliminate ego, pride and should enjoy inner peace and happiness by meditating, practicing silence, and being truthful to oneself. Instead of analyzing scriptures, a spiritual seeker must examine, analyze, and elevate himself and protect himself from Maya (mind’s trap).

13. There are many paths to reach God but meditation is the best path. Unless a person is Self-realized, there must be a balance between meditation and karma. He should follow Guru’s teachings and change his karma based on the guru’s advice and always strive to progress in spiritual life.

14. Spiritual life is to live life with contentment and experience peace and happiness. Everyone wants happiness in this universe, but this world never gives real happiness or joy because of its dual nature. True spiritual life is to reduce worldly pleasures and seek God or Guru who gives real peace and joy.

15. True Sannyasi should have a pure character by not having a relationship with Maya (nature, desires) and should not expect materialistic comforts. If a Sannyasi is concerned about his appearance, dressing, and doing things that display his ego, then his impure mind will become more impure and his life is wasted.