Sapta Alayam

(Loha Shivalingam temple)

At Ramaneswaram, the "Sapta Alaya Sannidhanam" is associated with seven distinct manifestations or incarnations of Lord Shiva. Each of these forms holds particular symbolism and importance in Hindu mythology and devotion. During Shivaratri, Siddhaguru consecrated the following forms and Shivalingams here at Ramaneswaram.

Once devotees pass through the main temple gate, they can witness the Sapta Alayam on their left, where they can receive darshan (sacred viewing) of these manifestations. In this sacred space, devotees have the chance to perform rituals such as abhishekam (ceremonial bathing), archanam (ritual offering), and kumkum archanam. Devotees visit the Sapta Shivalaya Sannidhanam pilgrimage sites to pay homage to these sacred entities and seek spiritual upliftment and divine blessings.

  1. Mahakala Bhairava:

    At Ramaneswaram, Mahakala Bhairava is a fierce form of Lord Shiva, is depicted with a terrifying appearance, holding a trident in one of his hands with Dog as his throne. He is considered the fierce aspect of Shiva, associated with annihilation and destruction of evil forces. Devotees often worship Mahakala Bhairava for protection and liberation from obstacles. . Here, Mahakala Bhairava guards this temple from evil forces.

  2. Bhasma Maharudra:

    Bhasma Maharudra represents Lord Shiva adorned with ashes (bhasma) all over his body. This form symbolizes renunciation and detachment from material possessions. The ashes represent the transient nature of life and the eventual dissolution of everything into ashes. Devotees offer bhasma to Lord Shiva as a mark of reverence and devotion Worshipping Bhasma Maharudra is believed to lead to spiritual purification and liberation.

  3. Jagadamba:

    Jagadamba is revered as Adiparashakti-the Divine Mother and consort of Lord Shiva. She is adored as the universal mother who embodies the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe. She represents the feminine energy that complements Shiva's masculine energy, and together they symbolize the inseparable union of creation and destruction, preservation, and dissolution. During Mahashivaratri, Siddhaguru consecrated Jagadamba, and here, couples and women partake in kumkum archana to invoke blessings for conjugal harmony, wealth, health, and prosperity.

  4. Panchaloha Shivalingam:

    Panchaloha Shivalingam is a lingam (symbol of Lord Shiva) made of a special alloy known as Panchaloha, which typically comprises five metals: gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron. This lingam represents the synthesis of various elemental energies and is believed to possess auspicious attributes. Worshipping the Panchaloha Shivalingam is considered highly beneficial for overall well-being and spiritual growth.

  5. Ekadasha Loha Shivalingam:

    Ekadasha Loha Shivalingam is a lingam made of eleven metals which compsises gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, lead, mercury, german silver, brass, bronze, and tin. This lingam represents the unity of diverse elements and energies in creation. The Ekadasha Loha Shivalingam is considered highly auspicious and spiritually potent. Each metal used in its making is believed to contribute unique vibrations and energies, enhancing the sanctity of the lingam. Worshipping the Ekadasha Loha Shivalingam is believed to bestow blessings for prosperity, harmony, and spiritual evolution. Worshipping this shivalingam at ramaneswaram brings the fruit of adoring all shivalingams here.

  6. Ashtaloha Shivalingam:

    Ashtaloha Shivalingam is a lingam made of eight metals, typically including gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, tin, lead, and mercury. This lingam represents the cosmic union of various elemental energies and is believed to possess immense spiritual potency. Worshipping the Ashtaloha Shivalingam is considered auspicious for spiritual and material upliftment and fulfillment of desired needs.

  7. Bhasma Shiva lingam:

    Bhasma Shivalingam is a lingam covered with sacred ash (bhasma), symbolizing the transient nature of life and the ultimate reality of death. Worshiping the Bhasma Shivalingam is believed to purify the devotee's soul and grant liberation from the cycle of birth and death through benevolence of Lord Shiva.

  8. Dhana Shiva Lingam:

    Dhana Shivalingam is a lingam associated with wealth and prosperity. Devotees worship the Dhana Shivalingam seeking blessings for financial abundance, success in endeavors, and overall prosperity in life. Here, devotees will perform abhisekam to Dhana shiva lingam rupee coins.

  9. Copper Shivalingam:

    Shivalingams made of copper are revered for their purity and conductivity of spiritual energy. Copper is considered a sacred metal in Hinduism, associated with various deities and rituals. Worshiping the Copper Shivalingam gives good health.

  10. Iron Shivalingam:

    Iron Shivalingam symbolizes strength, resilience, and transformation. Iron is associated with Lord Shiva's fierce aspect and his role as a destroyer of ignorance and obstacles. Worshiping the Iron Shivalingam is believed to confer evil protection, courage to destroy enemies.

  11. Zinc Shivalingam:

    Zinc Shivalingam represents purity and vitality. Zinc is associated with rejuvenation and vitality, and worshiping the Zinc Shivalingam is believed to achieve success in every endeavor.

  12. Bronze Shivalingam:

    Bronze Shivalingam is a traditional form of the lingam, made of copper and tin alloy. Bronze is considered auspicious in Hinduism and is often used for making sacred objects. Worshiping the Bronze Shivalingam is believed to bring the ability to overcome challenges that comes across our life.

  13. German Silver Shiva Lingam:

    German Silver Shivalingam is a lingam made of an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel. While not actually containing silver, it resembles the appearance of silver and is revered for its luster and beauty. Worshiping the German Silver Shivalingam is believed to bring blessings of nine planets, elimnates sins and all other defects.

  14. Brass Shiva Lingam:

    Brass Shivalingam is a lingam made of copper and zinc alloy. Brass is considered sacred and is often used in the manufacture of Hindu religious artifacts. Worshiping the Brass Shivalingam is believed to bring spiritual upliftment and liberation.

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