Veda rishis significance and connection with God

The Spiritual knowledge of the Absolute truth can’t be apprehended with human intelligence as the philosophy of the Supreme Being and Universal secrets are beyond the mind and intellect. If one asserts any theosophical philosophy merely by perusal, then it will not have any standards. The identity, nature and characteristics of the Supreme Being aren’t understood by a comprehensive research study of the Shastras or by owning any linguistic expertise. Only by crossing the mind and intellect in meditation, when an enlightened being experiences oneness with the Absolute power, entire knowledge of the Universe will unfold innately. This is designated as the only standard.

The antecedent for the Indian culture and philosophy are the Vedas. Our ancient Rishis, with immense experience of rejoice in Absolute Truth for an extensive period, provided the Vedic knowledge and noble wisdom to humanity. Without the grace of our ancient Rishis, the Vedic spiritual knowledge could never be acknowledged. The famous Vedas were neither handed over to us directly, nor did they appear out of blue. God used a medium and enlightened the Vedas in four rishis named Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angirasa. Many do not know that Agni, Vayu and Aditya are actually sages, not deities, as they, too, have taken human forms. These foremost rishis preached the Vedic knowledge to many Sages.

The Vedas then propagated extensively through the prominent seven sages. The Vedic knowledge was thus established in the world because of the series of generations of Sages and their disciples. Our ancient Rishis used to meditate tremendously, resulting in perceiving the Vedic mantras. It’s so easy nowadays to recite a mantra. But one can’t imagine the massive effort extended by our Sages in order to perceive a single mantra. With their mastery, they have paved the path for a spiritual seeker to know or reach the Supreme Power.   

 Some Vedic scholars might argue, stating that Vedic knowledge is of prime significance but not its Rishis. A scenario of emphasizing the milk without rendering respects, service or worship of a cow would be very sinful and ignorant. Correspondingly, cherishing solely the Vedas by disregarding the Rishis is a substantial fallacy. For plantation, soil is as important as the seed. Similarly, ancient Rishis are as prominent as our Vedas. It is a huge disgrace as bounteous Vedic scholars are unaware of the complete numeric figure and names of the Rishis present in our celebrated Vedic mantras. The history of our ancient sages is unknown too. It’s quite unfortunate that the world is not even conscious about the number of men and women among the sages. This is highly regrettable issue as the eminent history of Vedic sages dissolved over time and none took the responsibility to investigate, discern or publicize them.

Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi noticed the adverse state of insensitivity towards our ancient rishis and was determined to discover their history. By the grace of Supreme truth- Paramasiva, Supreme power- Sri Adiparashakthi and Supreme Master- Sri Sai baba, Siddha guru began the service of ancient Rishis by primarily documenting them in 270 verses containing 2016 names of the Rishis. This is called “Dwisahasra Rishishwara Stotram”, which was finished in 45 days. Siddha guru proclaims that these 45 days were passed in unlimited bliss and ecstasy. Every morning Siddha guru was blessed with hearing the divine voices of Rishis and Rishika, trying to wake Him up.

               In the above hymn, there are 734 Rishis originated from the Vedas, 78 Manvantara Rishis and remaining are 1204 Rishis, who might not be visible in the Vedas but had an unmatchable divinity and power. One can find nine types of rishis in the stotra.

1. Veda Rishis

2. Rishis who publicized the Veda

3. Families of the Veda Rishis

4. Disciples of the Veda Rishis

5. Rishis, who were the authors of the Vedic commentaries called Brahmana

6. Rishis, who were the authors of the Vedic commentaries called Aranyaka

7. Rishis who defined the true meaning of the Vedas in Upanishads.

8. The seven Manvantara Rishis

9. Rishis from the Puranas

A rigorous and detailed research was carried out to unearth thousands of rishis and their magnificent history. As a part of this extraordinary service, the knowledge given by our Rishis, their members of the family, fathers, forefathers, ancestors, along with their descendants, also surfaced. This investigation also enlightened us about the various deities who were worshipped in our ancient past. Many secrets like the life span of our ancient Rishis, situations faced by them and their mind set were also revealed.

Amongst the three debts of humanity, one is the debt of our ancient rishis. Without breaking free from the debt of the Rishis, one cannot attain Salvation. to be relieved from the indebtedness of our ancient Rishis, Siddha guru came up with an idea of their service. After the successful completion of the research, Siddha guru got a divine will to consecrate a Shivalinga in the name of every ancient Rishi, i.e., consecration of 2016 Shiva lingams in the name of 2016 ancient Rishis in the holy shrine of Ramaneswaram. This glorious service was planned with immense love, in order to establish eternal worship of our sacred Sages. One might wonder the reason behind the consecration of Shivalinga in the name of our Sages. Through deep study, Siddha guru realized every Rishi was an immense devotee of the omnipotent and omniscient power which is Lord Shiva. Our Rishis proclaimed and concluded that Lord Shiva is the Supreme Being. Each of them exhibited their devotion and praised lord Shiva with different names such as Pavamana, Soma, Agni, Indra, Varuna and so on.

As a part of consecration program of 2016 Shivalingas in the name of 2016 Rishis, the first phase of consecrations was carried out in the year, 2020. In the auspicious month of Kartika, from November 20th to November 25th 2020, as a representative to the donors, Siddha guru consecrated 108 Shivalingas in the name of 108 Rishis. The second phase of consecration program will be commencing from 2021, November 21st to 29th. This year, as a representative to the fortunate donors, Siddha guru will be consecrating 116 Shivalingas in the name of 116 Rishis.